Academic Courses

Here are undergraduate level courses that I have completed, along with a description of the contents of these courses. Check out my course work by clicking on the course!

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

ELE 491: Senior Design Project II
Continuation of ELE 490: Designed and implemented a novel, sustainable and scalable solution for detecting and classifying mosquitoes for disease prevention using low-power laser. The project included concepts from image processing, instrumentation, neural networks and electromagnetics

ELE 490: Senior Project I
Designed and implemented a novel, sustainable and scalable solution for detecting and classifying mosquitoes for disease prevention using low-power laser. The project included concepts from image processing, instrumentation, neural networks and electromagnetics

ELE 694-06: Deep Learning (Graduate Level Course)
Deep Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs, Autoencoders, variational autoencoders, generative adversarial networks, Siamese networks, recent developments.
Software: Python

ELE 494-08: Autonomous Robotic Systems
State Estimation, Controllability, Observability, Complementary and Kalman Filters, Drone Dynamics, Navigation, Swarm consensus

COE 370: Communication Networks
Shannon-Nyquist, TCP/IP Stack, Application Layer Protocols, Channel Coding, Line and Block Codes, IP Subnet Configuration, Error and Flow Control, Multiple Access, LANs

ELE 454: Antennas and Propagation
Antenna characteristics, Design and Analysis of wire, loop, array, patch, aperture and reflector antennas.
Software: MATLAB

ELE 494-09: Deep Networks in Machine Learning
Theory of deep networks and AI, Turing test, neural networks, gradient descent, backpropagation, CNNs, RNNs, LSTMs

ELE 360: Probability and Stochastic Processes
Probability Spaces, Multivariate Distributions, Random Processes, Markov Chains, Queuing systems, discrete event simulations

ELE 361: Communications
AM, FM, PM, noise modeling and performance, receiver deisgn, digital communications, ISI, Line coding

ELE 353: Control Systems I
Mathematical system modeling, LTI Systems, feedback control, PID Control, Root Locus, transient response analysis, frequency response analysis.

ELE 311: Electromagnetics
Electrostatic and magnetostatic fields, EM properties of media, BVPs, Maxwell’s Equations, Wave propagation, Poynting theorem, transmission line theory.

ELE 371: Power Systems Analysis
Three-Phase Analysis, Transmission Line Modeling and Analysis, Numerical Methods, Power Flow, Unbalanced and Balanced Fault Analysis
Software: MATLAB, Power World

ELE 351: Electrical Energy Conversion (Machines)
Multi-phase Transformers, AC and DC Motors, AC and DC Generators, autotransformers, machine modeling, steady-state analysis.

ELE 324: Digital Signal Processing
Nyquist Theorem, DFT, FFT, Z-Transform, FIR and IIR Filters, DSP Applications, Digital Filters
Software: MATLAB

ELE 321: Signals and Systems
Fourier Analysis of signals, processing, impulse response and convolutions, LTI modelling and applications.
Software: MATLAB

ELE 341: Electronics II
Op-Amps, Differential and Power Amplifiers, ADC/DAC, VCO, Oscillators and Filters, Stability, Bode Plots, The 555 Chip
Software: ADS, MATLAB

ELE 241: Electronics I
Semiconductor physics, PN junctions, diodes, BJT, MOSFET, CMOS, digital electronics, small signal analysis, current mirrors
Software: ADS, MATLAB

ELE 212: Circuits II
3-Phase circuits, Bode diagrams, frequency analysis, Laplace transform, magnetically coupled circuits, two-port networks

ELE 211: Circuits I
AC and DC Circuits, Circuit Analysis Techniques, Transient and Sinusoidal Response.

COE 241: Microcontroller Programming
Assembly language, low-level microcontroller interfacing, timers, Analog and Digital I/O, interrupts and serial communication

COE 221: Digital Systems
Number systems, Boolean algebra, K-Maps, Decoders, multiplexers, ALU, flip-flops, memory architecture, RAM, state-space analysis

CMP 213: Discrete Structures
Data structures, DFS/BFS, Combinatorics, predicate calculus, asymptotic analysis, recursion, graphs and trees.

CMP 120: Programming I
C/C++, Arrays, Pointers, Classes, iterative control structures, file I/O, program design and testing, flowcharts, debugging and modular programming.

MCE 224: Statics and Dynamics
Rigid body statics and dynamics, vector mechanics, force equilibrium systems, truss structures and frames, friction, moment of inertia, curvilinear motion

PHY 102: General Physics II
Electromagnetism, fields, Gauss’ Law, Ampere’s Law, Maxwell’s Equations, DC/ AC circuits, Magnetic Induction, EM waves

PHY 101: General Physics I
Mechanics, Work and Energy, Rotation, Torque, Momentum conservation, oscillations and waves

CHM 101: General Chemistry I
Reaction and Solution Stoichiometry, Kinetic theory of gases, thermodynamics, atomic structure, atomic bonding, Bohr model, Lewis structures

EECS Laboratory Experience

ELE 458L: Communication Systems Lab
Microwave engineering, Radar systems, Antennas, Digital Communications, Real-Time DSP, PCM, TDM, FDM

ELE 361L: Communications Lab
Analog Communications, AM, FM, PM, Spectral Analysis, PLLs, VCOs, Receiver Implementation

ELE 353L: Control Systems Lab
Analog controllers, PC-Based Control, PID Design, DC Motor Position and Speed Control.

ELE 332L: Measurements and Instrumentation Lab
Error analysis, transducers, strain gauges, ultrasonic systems, laser-based precision measurements

ELE 371L: Power Systems Lab
Transmission line modeling, transformers, electrical machines, other experiments to accompany ELE 371

ELE 351L: Electric Machines Lab
Single and three-phase Transformers, DC/AC Motor, DC/AC Generator Experimentation

ELE 341L: Electronics II Lab
Differential and Power Amplifiers, Op-Amps, Digital Circuits, ADC/DAC, Oscillators, Design 555 Chip, Filters

ELE 241L: Electronics I Lab
PCB Design, Implementation, Manufacturing, Electronic Circuits, Amplifiers, BJT/MOSFET circuits

ELE 212L: Circuits II Lab
Three-phase analysis, transformers, frequency response, MATLAB

ELE 211L: Circuits I Lab
DC and AC Circuits, PSPICE modeling and circuit simulations, Norton and Thevenin Equivalents

COE 241L: Microcontrollers Lab
PIC24 Microcontrollers, Analog and Digital I/O, Timers, Serial Communication, Sensors

COE 221L: Digital Systems Lab
Number Systems, Boolean Representations, Digital Circuits, Adders, Multiplexers, Encoder/Decoder, Memory

CMP 120L: Programming I Lab
Laboratory session to implement exercises on C++ based on concepts from CMP 120.

PHY 102L: General Physics II Lab
Laboratory experiments on electron charge, field mapping, induction, DC/AC circuits, EM waves

PHY 101L: General Physics I Lab
Laboratory experiments on laws of mechanics, gravitation, friction, oscillations, SHM, conservation of momentum

CHM 101L: General Chemistry I Lab
Laboratory experiments to accompany the content of CHM 101, Titration, Salt Analysis


MTH 490: Bachelor’s Thesis in Mathematics
Research project in Mathematics. My Thesis uses concepts from Ring Theory and Number Theory to study the total graph of the ring of integers mod n

MTH 412: Complex Analysis
CR Equations, Cauchy’s Integral Theorem, Laurent Series, Residue Calculus, Conformal Maps and BVPS

MTH 420: Abstract Algebra 2
Ring Isomorphisms and Homomorphisms, Finite Fields, Field Extensions, Cyclotomic Fields, Galois Theory

MTH 320: Abstract Algebra 1
Group theory, Abelian Groups, Lagrange’s Theorem, Subgroups, Group homomorphisms, isomorphism s, Cayley’s Theorem

MTH 313: Number Theory
Euclidean Algorithm, Chinese Remainder Theorem, Fermat’s Little Theorem, Quadratic Reciprocity, Public Key Cryptography

MTH 312: Advanced Calculus
Differential forms, Inverse and Implicit Function Theorems, Generalized Stokes Theorem, Euclidean Operators

MTH 311: Real Analysis
Real numbers, Induction, Sequences and Series, Riemann Integration, Uniform and Absolute Convergence of Functions

MTH 343: Numerical Analysis
Error Analysis, Root Finding, Interpolation, Splines, Function Approximation, Numerical Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Programming, Optimization

MTH 351: Methods in Applied Mathematics
Special functions, Coordinate Systems, Fourier Analysis, Calculus of variations, Integral Transforms, Applications

MTH 350: Introduction to Probability
Axioms of Probability, Probability Spaces, Random Variables, Expectations, MGFs, Multivariate Discrete and Continuous Distributions

MTH 221: Linear Algebra
Vector spaces, Matrices, Inner product spaces, SVD, Eigendecompositions, Gramm-Schmidt Orthogonalization

MTH 243: Mathematical Programming
MATLAB, Mathematica, Maple. Computer Algebra Systems and Mathematical Logic and Programming

MTH 205: Differential Equations
Methods of Formulation and Solution, ODEs, First and Second Order ODEs, Laplace Transform, Series Solutions

MTH 203: Calculus III
Multivariate calculus, Iterated Integrals, Directional derivatives, Line and Surface Integrals, Gradient, Curl and Divergence, Green’s and Stoke’s Theorems

MTH 104: Calculus II
Integration Techniques, Sequences and Series, Convergence Tests, Parametrized Curves, Polar Coordinates, Taylor Polynomials, Error Analysis

MTH 103: Calculus I
Limits of functions, Differentiation, Newton’s Method, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Antiderivatives, Optimization

General Education

ECO 202: Macroeconomics
GDP, GNI, Unemployment, Inflation, Economic Growth, Business Cycles, Open economies

ECO 201: Microeconomics
Demand and Supply, Market Operations, Consumer and Enterprise Behavior, Competition, International Trade

INS 194: Politics of Oil & Gas
Geopolitics, renewable and non-renewable sources, energy policies, energy organizations, Includes research component

THE 101: Theatre Appreciation
History of Theatre, Modern Trends, Acting techniques, Playwriting, Movement and Expression.

INS 120: Global Problems
United Nations, World Bank, IMF, Globalization, Security, Development, Economic Growth, Global Issues and Global Problems.

ARA 102: Arabic Heritage
Medieval Arabic History, Islamic Spain, Arab civilzation, Renaissance era.

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