ELE 490: Senior Design Project I

About The Course

The course introduces design methodology in electrical engineering through lectures and an open-ended, in-depth design project of significance in electrical engineering.

The project includes the design of a system, process or component to achieve the functional objectives representative of problems encountered by practicing engineers. Realistic constraints and standards are considered in the design. Collaborative teams define, complete, validate and document their design project under the supervision of one or more faculty members. Emphasizes engineering ethics and communication skills.

My project was a laser-based system to detect and classify different species of mosquito based on measurement of their wing-beat frequency (WBF) and body size to generate a real-time density map of mosquito hotspots. This can be sold to pest-control authorities or individuals to keep track of high-risk areas for specific mosquito-borne diseases in real time.

Course Coordinator: Dr. Oualid Hammi
Thesis Supervisors: Dr. Shayok Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Nasser Qaddoumi
My Course Grade: A


Project Report
Project Presentation
Electrical Schematic
Mechanical Schematic

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