ELE 494-08: Autonomous Robotic Systems

About The Course

The course introduced wheeled mobile robot kinematics, localization and navigation. It examined path-planning techniques for wheeled robots such as Ackermann steering. The course also introduced robot swarm concepts, quadcopter drone dynamics and Robot Operating System (ROS) concepts.

Topics include state space representation of systems, controllability, observability and stability, state estimation and observers, Luenberger Observer, Robot parts and wheels, wheeled robot navigation using Ackermann Steering, Complementary Filter, Kalman Filter and Extended Kalman Filters for non-linear systems, quadcopter dynamics, path planning, A* Algorithm, Multirobot swarm consensus problem, spectral graph theory.

Course Instructor: Dr. Shayok Mukhopadhyay
My Course Grade: A


Course Syllabus

My Course Project:

Progress Report 1
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Final Report

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