I enjoy research in anything that involves mathematics! I have spent two years working as a research assistant on projects in wireless communications, control theory and mathematical physics, at American University of Sharjah, UAE and Aalto University, Finland.

Here is some of my work!

Control Theory

Time Response of Systems with Fractional Order Transfer Functions
[1] T. Ameen ur Rahman, S. Mukhopadhyay and S. Farhana, “A Novel Expression for Computing Time Response of LTI Systems of Arbitrary Order with Applications to Fractional and Stochastic Control”, in 57th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control and Computing, Monticello, IL, USA, 2019.

Wireless Communications

[1] T. Ameen ur Rahman, Y. Aborahama, M. Hassan and M. Ibrahim, “A PDE-Based Approach for the Evaluation of Probability of Starvation in Video Streaming”, Under Second Round of Review for Publication at Physical Communication, 2019.

[2] T. Ameen ur Rahman, M. Hassan and M. Ibrahim, “A Novel Distributed Scheduling Algorithm for Ad-Hoc Networks based on Ising Model”, In Progress, 2019.

[3] T. Ameen ur Rahman, M. Ibrahim and M. Hassan, “The Correlated H-Distribution”, In Progress, 2019.

Mathematical Physics

[1] T. Ameen ur Rahman, K. Kytölä and D. Radnell, “Ising Model on Slit-Strip Geometry and Vertex Operator Algebra Product”, In Progress, 2019.

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